Where is the BIGGER candidate?

Felicia Benamon

Felicia Benamon
July 24, 2008

“America needs someone who’s bigger than their speeches.” — Kevin Costner, Swing Vote

As I viewed the coming attractions to the upcoming movie Swing Vote, the above quote couldn’t ring more true. Barack Obama has made the spotlight as he is known for his snazzy speeches and eloquent words. John McCain is giving lip service to the specific crowd he happens to be speaking before at the moment.

To try to build on his eloquence of speech, Barack Obama wants to convey that he can handle international matters and maintain a strong US foreign policy by embarking on a whirlwind Mid-East trip. But all it really is behind the scenes is a political stunt as Obama is trying to appear presidential.

To add to the quote, America also needs a presidential candidate who will put Americans first. However many flaws John McCain exudes as the Republican nominee, he continues to campaign in America. Meanwhile, Barack Obama decides to take his presidential campaign to the Mid-East and now to Germany as he is to give a speech before adoring crowds.

Obama has wowed Americans and is now trying to incur favor on an international scale. The problem is, other countries do not have a say in American elections. What a slap in the face to Americans for Barack Obama to deviate from the campaign trail to make nice with world leaders.

It is a testimony to a man’s priorities and character when he truly reaches out and keeps his attention on the people who will be deciding his fate in an election. I will give props to John McCain for at least keeping the focus on America and remaining humble by not pretending he already has the job.

The Obama overseas love-fest is being fed by the mainstream media. Several mentions have been made of Obama “stealing McCain’s thunder.” Those comments shouldn’t be brought up. If American elections are to be fair, both candidates should be given equal airtime and equal consideration.

There is an immediate attachment to Barack Obama by the mainstream media of course, but a bias in an election (or anytime for that matter) shouldn’t exist. No biased comments should be broadcast.

The arrogance of Barack Obama falls in line with the media’s persona and so, they are covering his every move with glee. Sadly, that speaks to the lack of integrity in media these days.

Where does the American voter fit in all of this? Well it is our responsibility not to feed on the hype. So Barack Obama is taking a Mid-East trip? Let him go and find himself. Then maybe he can come back and be truthful before Americans and REALLY tell them what he plans to do if he wins the presidency. Because all we are seeing is flash and glamour with Obama.

So yes, America DOES need someone who is bigger than what the American public is getting right now. Americans don’t need inflated egos in the White House. America doesn’t need someone who feels he has to sell himself overseas to get ahead in the polls. If the candidates feel they have the adequate skills to perform well in office in terms of foreign policy, they wouldn’t need to do a world tour to get a feel for the presidency.

America …I urge you to see beyond the scheming of the media to place Obama as some “kumbaya” type of leader who will bring everyone together.

During these times of war, we need leader who will stand and say that violence and evil towards one’s fellow man will not be tolerated. At some point, the time of snoozing with various leaders (whether they be rogue or not) has to end.

America needs a leader who will stand and say, “Enough is enough. This is what I expect and what I’m about and if you don’t like it, oh well.”

Americans have been led by President Bush for 8 years, but again, arrogance has caused the president to falter and waver on many issues that are of concern to many Americans.

Where is the leader who will not operate out of arrogance, but out of strength born from humility? That’s the type of person Americans should consider giving the presidency to for 4 years or more. So in keeping with the quote that started this article, I say I agree…that we need a much BIGGER person running for president.

Felicia Benamon is a conservative columnist who writes from a political perspective, but occasionally deviates to write about other concerns facing her country. A patriotic American, Felicia hopes to motivate others to be more conscious of the current state of affairs in America, and to hold true to the wonderful traditions that make America great.

Felicia comes from a military background and is proud to support the men and women who put their lives on the line daily to protect American citizens and who reach out to help those in need across the globe.

Write to Felicia at: FeliciasDesk@aol.com

© Copyright 2008 by Felicia Benamon

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