The Most Fearful Speech I Have Ever Read


By Dr. Gary North 
for Gary North’s Q&A forums: www.GaryNorth.com

I have just read the most fearful speech I have ever read that was delivered by a high-level American official who is in a position to know what he is talking about. No other speech comes close. I have been reading speeches for a living for over 40 years.

I am going to do what I have never done before in a newsletter. I will offer no summary and no comments. I will supply a link. Click this link. Print out the speech. Read it.

It will scare you. It scares me. Things are worse than I had imagined, and my scenario has been bad. This dwarfs my scenario. Coming from the person who delivered it, you had better take it seriously.

I have no further comments. Click. Print. Read.


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