Street thugs and Obama's Nomination




By Rev. Dr. Tommy Davis


When street thugs rob at gunpoint or even kill just to pilfer possessions from another person it is another example of misguided hoodlums who feel that they cannot compete legally in our economy. They believe that they must deprive others of their material goods in order to gain an economic advantage. Armed robbers must continue to commit crimes because their income will only resume through swindle. Lacking the intellectual capital and patience to participate in the free market, they cheat and steal from those who possess wealth.

Time after time the media reports this kind of action and it is justified by shifting the blame to a legacy of slavery and racism.

Obama’s speech about taxing the rich and redistributing their wealth is no different than a robbery that hasn’t yet turned bad. When liberal socialists go after companies who make an honest living and attempt to redistribute their wealth (communism) they are stealing.

Businesses manufacture a product that consumers purchase. Therefore, a fair exchange takes place. When those consumers turn around and accuse business owners of making too much money, this is nothing short of envy; and when such folks elect government officials who will penalize companies for being successful by taxing them severely, this is nothing short of criminal —- professional stick-ups.

It doesn’t matter if Obama’s becomes president. The community (especially the black community) will still suffer because the problems are self inflicted. Those black folks who vote for Obama just because he’s black are racists. He will not “change” the 50 percent school drop-out rate among African-Americans, or the 70 percent illegitimacy rate regarding two parent households in black communities; and he will not transform the high murder rate (over 50 percent) committed by black males in this country.

The same candidates who says that they will create jobs are promoting the very policies that cause businesses to lay off and slow production. Government do not create jobs. Citizens generate employment through innovation by starting businesses constructing products that benefit society.

Time will tell how many government robberies will bring about fatal wounds to American business.


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2 responses

  1. Dr. Davis – So much of your article is right on. Again, you point people at the issue of personal responsibility, instead of living out another generation on the government plantation. To Obama’s credit, he has made this point as well. I can’t explain his speech about redistributing wealth, and I’m not sure it’s what he really has in mind anyway. In the end, a society often gets the leaders it needs. A responsibile, hard-working group of people can make democracy work, and enjoy its freedoms. An irresponsible group of people need someone else to run their lives, hence socialism. People of every color need to choose both freedom and responsibility. You just don’t get one without the other. – RKB

    August 29, 2008 at 11:34 pm

  2. Rev. Tommy Davis, DDCS

    Thanks Rob!

    August 30, 2008 at 4:06 pm

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