Obama America: Good for Blacks?

Barack ObamaNational Review Online asked a group of center-right thinkers if they believe Obama’s election is “good for blacks.”

The American Civil Rights Institute’s Ward Connerly said yes it is, in the sense that blacks have arrived as first class citizens of a country that once enslaved and degraded them because of skin color. An Obama presidency also may alleviate whites of misplaced guilt.

Additionally, Connerly believes that Obama, as a married family man, might serve as an example to a community in which intact families are rare.

Linda ChavezThe Center for Equal Opportunity’s (CEO) Roger Clegg said Obama’s election is a “powerful rebuke to the victim mindset” and that the biggest obstacle facing blacks isn’t discrimination but illegitimacy. Agreed. CEO’s Linda Chavez echoed Clegg’s sentiments:

“A President Obama could also take on issues that others have avoided: the breakdown in the black family, the latent racism inherent in holding blacks to lower standards than whites, the enervating aspect of perpetual victimhood. But while he might take on the first of these — he has experienced firsthand what it means to be abandoned by one’s father — I won’t hold my breath for him to endorse an end to racial double standards and preferences.”

I won’t hold mine, either, although the Wall Street Journal holds the view that Obama’s election is a sign that America is ready to move beyond race preferences and toward “colorblind opportunity” for all.

It matters little to me whether individuals learn to see beyond color. They can think and see whatever they’d like, as long as they don’t interfere with my rights. But government policy must be colorblind. Will this be possible with a black president in the White House? In an ideal world, yes. In this world…

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