Destructive Politicians Must Go

I have decided to try a grassroots initiative as a corporate chaplain. This effort will involve reaching out to employees of large and small businesses. We must start now to reach and educate the voters in order to unseat the politicians who are damaging our economy by vote.

A letter will be drafted to just about every president and CEO of America’s largest companies. Permission will be requested to address the employees in the structure of a seminar. I will inform voters who have jobs why their retirements, and their core employment are in jeopardy.

Some of the issues that will be discussed:

(1) Arbitrary minimum wage hikes increases the employers’ operating costs, which translates into a hiring freeze and unemployment that usually prevents younger workers from entering the job market. Employees have to know why their kids can’t land a job to acquire work experience.

(2) Higher taxes on businesses will be passed on to employees and often will affect benefits.

(3) Increased regulation stagnates a business’ progress and also leads to layoffs until operating/reinvestment capital can be adjusted to maintain competition.

(4) I will highlight how every major company started in America began with an incentive to benefit the entrepreneur and the consumer. Included will be how Sam Walton, Henry Ford, and James Cash Penny commenced on the idea to found Wal-Mart, mass produced the automobile, and the opening of JC Penny.

(5) How big business contribute to lower prices, high wages, and increased employment if they remain successful.

These seminars will be provided for free; and if they are successful, they will draw funds from businesses in order to educate their workforce regarding electing the right officials at the booth. This can work because when people find out how the economy runs, they will cast an informed vote.

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