Racism or Post-Discrimination Syndrome

officepic12by Tommy Davis  (July 2009)

With the recent arrest of Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. by Cambridge police, there was an outcry of “racism” from some in the black community.  These undertones were further stirred by some elites in the Democratic Party who specialize in fueling the accusations of racism for political reasons.

President Barack Obama referred to the arrest as “stupidly” for one sole reason —the skin color of the accused.  Had this been a white person in Mr. Gates’ position, I doubt if the incident would have incurred so much attention.

Ethnic relations in America continue to suffer severe setbacks due to those who resurface accusations of cultural disparities.  Undeniably, there exists racism, but we must admit that if we were all the same color, we would find something else to hate one another about. 

Many in the black community suffer from what I call “post-discrimination syndrome.”   While understanding that scores of African-Americans have and will be discriminated against, there needs to be a cognitive restructuring that would allow people to overcome the temptation to believe that others’ treatment of them are due strictly to bigotry.  A magnified assumption of prejudice based on race prevents the subject from truly examining areas of life that would allow real success. 

Rather than presuppose a reason for judgment, the African-American should observe other  possible factors such as communication patterns, education, dress, experience, etc. that may shed light on areas previously excluded from one’s own examination.  Continuous failure can be a result of one not identifying real factors that need change.

Every group of people who have immigrated to America understood that to capitalize off the existing arrangement in society would lead to some form of equity.  Immigrants realized that becoming assets, they could contribute to —and in some cases— command change.  The Irish opened their own businesses, became police officers, legislators and judges.  Eventually, the “Irish need not apply” signs disappeared.

The early Republicans, in passing and implementing all the civil rights legislation, attempted to clear the way for black Americans to achieve victory as a free people —without the restraints of involuntary servitude and the Black Codes, a system of laws enacted by Democrats in the south that gave whites virtual police powers over freed blacks after the abolition of slavery.

Despite weighty unfairness, American blacks persisted in their economic agenda and built businesses and schools that would produce honorable mentions.  Such achievements required a psychological reconstruction that included a drive to persevere amid a hostile arrangement; a plan that depended on making major contributions to the market whether in education or craft.

It would prove well worthy to examine the predicament before arriving at conclusions that unnecessarily divide America based on mere conjecture.  America comprise of many ethnic peoples who covet her citizenship of free enterprise. Some folks would benefit sometimes by just keeping their mouths shut.

4 responses

  1. My grandparents came to the US from Eastern Europe during the Great Immigration. They came here because of the freedoms that our nation offers, political, economic and religious. As with most immigrants, they initially worked menial, low-paying jobs and settled in ethnic neighborhoods. They worked hard though and helped each other out and eventually owned their own businesses or worked good jobs.

    Everyone has the opportunity to succeed in the US nowadays.

    For the first 12 years of my life, I lived in one of those ethnic neighborhoods in the Northside of Rochester (Joseph, Hudson Ave’s and North St.).

    July 25, 2009 at 12:49 pm

  2. Chaplin AGREED 100% Extremely well said I must say i feel rather sad i did not write that LOL 😀 – and If I May I just also add though a second part to that. Though many are eager to simply accept that treatment of them is some how due to bigotry and or racism and or some sort of profiling when in fact it is more due to as you mentioned other factors – It is also worth mentioning that even if you are a victim of bigotry,racism, prejudiced, profiling etc… although profiling is in place for very legitimate reasons (it works), We as Christians first and foremost need to “go the extra mile” and be above retaliation/revenge. I like you Tommy and probably any other black, Jew, Christian, Irish etc…. have faced some sort of racism (more than once) or being the “token black” etc…. or stopped due to being in the “wrong neighborhood” what ever – YEP that is part of life but it is US, Individually which has to purpose how we handle the situation we can freak out and act a fool further propagating that Image or “profile” or we can turn the other cheek and act as Jesus or Dr. MLK Jr. suggested and did. We have to overcome by overcoming and then as Christians by letting “vengeance is mine says the Lord” If we as a people purposed to be insulted with integrity we would as a culture not be so far Indoctrinated into the African Colonial mind set. The Democratic party would not have been so infiltrate us as a people and mentally enslave generations of us to the point of where we are now. Having willingly given up our values and love of God and Country for the color of a mans skin who despises the very country built of the fundamentals of the Bible that has given us and other “minorities” such liberty. We now live in a country where a Black man is president and still we the people are going around NOT LETTING IT GO. Keeping the past alive verses remembering the past so it does not repeat itself. So Again I have to say that even if and when I am profiled or someone is racists towards me I have a choice how to act Like a trained dog or monkey or I can lift my chin and say I am above that – they must have me twisted with someone else and then maybe just maybe (and probably) the next time they see a black (or what ever other prejudice you can interject here) they will think twice about assuming who that person is. God says for everything there is a time and a season and that He has a purpose for all these things all we need to do is reflect who Jesus is and God is in charge of the rest. And the Beauty of the majority of Conservatives though is that even the Godless ones are united with us as the Constitution binds us and the constitution is based on God’s Law. That is why the left wants to reconstruct our constitution and Barry calls it our fundamental flaw. GREAT ARTICLE CHAPLIN!!!!

    July 25, 2009 at 3:02 pm

  3. Joyce

    I believe in the 48 hr rule. I don’t base my opinion on anything I hear in the first 48 hrs after an event, since the initial information is usually flawed.

    If it turns out the policemen went overboard, I’m sure he will be reprimanded. However, if Gates was unruly, and uncooperative it not only shows he’s not too bright and deserved to be arrested for being a public nuisance, but he and Obama owe the policeman a huge apology for smearing him for doing his job.

    July 25, 2009 at 5:09 pm

  4. Sheree Anderson

    Your are soo right Chaplin. that is well worded and i completely agree.

    July 25, 2009 at 10:59 pm

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