Lincoln Used Blacks To Win His War & White Conservatives Must do The Same

wayneby Rev. Wayne Perryman  Posted on 10/4/09

In Lincoln’s memoirs, he was quick to point out that one of his fatal mistakes was thinking that he could win the war without the support of black soldiers. When he received first hand reports of the powerful impact that the black soldiers were having under the leadership of General Lorenzo Thomas, Lincoln wrote: “I desire that a renewed and vigorous effort be made to raise co lored forces along the shores of the Mississippi.” Scholars say, Lincoln and his Secretary of War had forgotten that African-Americans had bravely fought in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

Lincoln openly admitted that not recruiting black soldiers to participate in the fight for their own freedom was a big mistake, the same fatal mistake that many of the organizers of Tea Parties are making when they fail to recruit and encourage conservative blacks to partnership with them in the fight to preserve our freedom and traditional values.

As a well known “independent” conservative and author, I have been ask to speak at several conservative events, while other Black, Latino and Asian conservatives are often overlooked and/or ignored. Fighting to preserve and maintain conservative values is not a white fight, it is a fight that all conservatives must participate in regardless of their color. Like white conservatives at the grass-root level, Black, Latino and Asian conservatives have a responsibility to stand up for conservative values whether they are invited to participate or not. It is not at the grass-root level that I am concern with, it is at the speaker level and far too many Tea Party organizers (not all), for one reason or another have not included conservative speakers of other ethnicities.

We are in a cultural war and like the United States Military, we must use all branches of the military to accomplish our mission. In our cultural war our Air Force, Marines, Navy, Army, and Special Forces are conservative women, men, college students and persons from every ethnic group.

Lincoln thought blacks would not fight, could not fight, and weren’t interesting in fighting for the cause. I think many of the Tea Party organizers may feel the same way about blacks. After hearing from the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other inner-city African American ministers over the years, I know that many were shock to find an inner-city minister like myself who was not only willing to publicly stand up for conservative values, but would invest substantial amounts of money publish books to support his position. (Recent books by Rev. Perryman include: The Drama of Obama, Unfounded Loyalty, and Unveiling the Whole Truth – http://www.wayneperryman.com).Black%20Soldiers

Like the beautiful young lady standing alone in the corner waiting for some one to ask her to dance, many Blacks, Latinos and Asians are also waiting for someone to invite them to the dance of the Tea Parties (figuratively speaking). But like the beautiful girl, no thinks they will say: “yes.” The Glenn Becks, the Rush Limbaughs, the Sean Hannity and the Governor Huckabees along with local Tea Party organizers must take the risk and reach out to partnership with conservative Blacks, Latinos and Asians if we are to win this cultural war. Lincoln took a risk and recruited blacks to win his war, we must take a risk to win ours as well. If we fail to do so, the liberals like the Confederacy, will kill us all. Contact Rev. Perryman at: Doublebro@aol.com.

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  1. Rev. Perryman,

    I’m taken aback! I thought blacks WERE being included in the Tea Party movement, although I have noticed a lot more involvement in conservative dialogue on blogs and FB than at Tea Parties. But, take heart. I read the posts of you and your friend, Chaplain Davis. I relish Star Parker’s work and Pastor Broden’s words. I love the opinions of Juan Williams and Michael Steele. I love the gentle strength of Mary M. Baker.

    My daughter and one of her dearest friends started a little program while in high school: Each One, Reach One. It started as a lunch group. Each person could invite one person to join, but it had to be a person of a different race. Back then, our school only had black and white kids, so it was their attempt to bridge the gaps that they saw were hurtful to our students and to our school. At the end of the school year, we had such a huge group, that our administration actually allowed us to miss the last class of the day to have an Each One, Reach One celebration. It was wonderful. Like everything in life, though, there were some negatives. Some parent called the local news to say we were encouraging inter-racial dating and marriage! Fools… fools…..

    I’m going to pass this post, and Star’s on moving back to the “plantation” on. And, I’m in the process of getting a cyber version of Each One, Reach One going. If you have ideas, please let me know! Maybe we could create a social network page for that…

    BTW, I taught some lovely Perrymans years ago in Montgomery, AL at Jeff Davis HS. Any kin?

    Thanks and God Bless!

    October 4, 2009 at 6:37 am

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