Race War, by Rev. Wayne Perryman

Dear Friends:

With a member of the Black Panther Movement stating that he wanted to kill [white] “cracker babies” and the Justice Department refusing to prosecute two Black Panthers for voter intimidation;

With Arizona Immigration Law being classified as a racist law and Eric Holder and the Obama administration suing Arizona;

With the Tea Party participants being labeled as racist and the NAACP considering a resolution condemning the racist elements of the Tea Party;

With Mel Gibson making racial comments in anger with an argument his girlfriend;

With a white police officers killing a black child in Detroit;

With an Oakland police officer being convicted of a lesser charge for killing a black man;

With a black conservative beaten in St Louis by two people opposing Tea Party and a black leader calling the black victim an Uncle Tom

With Michael Steele, Chairman of RNC saying that “white Republicans are afraid of him when he walks in a room;”

With Jesse Jackson accusing the owner of the Cleveland NBA basketball team of being a “slave owner” because Lebron James decided to join the Miami Heat;

With Glenn Beck booking the Lincoln Memorial to hold his own rally before black Civil Rights leaders could book it,

Racial tension in America, (as I had predicted) is starting to heat to boiling point and the Democrats love it. Why? Because racial violence on the streets of America would distract citizens from of the other crucial issues facing America. When Obama was running for President, I predicted that the “race card” would be played and that his presidency could divide America (racially) rather than unite us. Let’s look at the possible matches that could light the powder keg for a race war.

A. For the first time in recent history the average whites is no longer afraid of being called racists and are ready to defend themselves if an outbreak happens

B. Since Obama took the Whitehouse, whites have attended gun shows in record numbers and have armed themselves

C. Whites are tired of being called racist and under the Obama Administration, the conditions of African Americans have worsen and blacks want to blame someone other than Obama

D. Fox News consistent coverage of the the Black Panther’s racist statements of killing white babies, by Bill Oreilly, Beck, Hannity, and Megan Kelly angers both non-racist whites and red neck whites who are looking for a fight.

E. Tension is building up in the Latino population over immigration and although the vast majority of the Latinos are law abiding citizens, those in the drug cartel would profit from a race war.

F. Islamic terrorist would love to see a major racial conflict on the streets of America to help them carry out their agenda.

We need to pray for peace and find some way to bring us all together. If we overlook these realities, we are only asking for trouble, trouble that we all will regret. Yes, Fox and all the other networks along with the Justice Department should look into the “hate comments,” by the Black Panther, but they must understand when their reporting reaches a point when it is no longer informing the public – but inflaming them.

Rev. Wayne Perryman

2 responses

  1. Linda

    Dear Rev. Perryman –
    I met you a while back at a rally in Vancouver, WA and was so pleased to make your acquaintance, as well as purchase your book, “Whites, Blacks and Racist Democrats”. I definitely agree that we need to pray extensively these days for each other, but do not see where any other network, besides Fox, is reporting on the hate comments, and actions, by the Black Panthers. I do believe that Fox reports fairly and, although they made tend to “over-report” at times, it is for the very reason that the mainstream media does not do it’s job of reporting. I do not believe in “reverse” discrimination – racism is racism and that is most definitely what this administration is promoting and somehow, someway we do need to stop them. Thank you for all of your hard work – it is greatly appreciated.
    God Bless You,
    Linda Doty

    July 19, 2010 at 7:20 am

  2. Rev. Perryman: A few months ago, while visiting the Civil Rights museum in Alabama, I asked a young (black) security guard why blacks support the Democrat party in spite of the atrocities committed against them by democrats. The guard stated that Republicans who had done those things, not Democrats! I told him that the KKK and the Jim Crow laws were the work of Democrats, and that Bull Conner and George Wallace were Democrats, and that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. He said that he was not sure of any of it, and called a former history teacher who works at the museum to answer my question. I repeated the question, and her answer was the same! This former history teacher said that “it was Republicans doing those things”! I tried to explain to her that I had done research before coming to the museum, and that the ones responsible for those things were Democrats, but before she could respond, she was called by another museum worker, and never came back. There was a busload of black students going into the museum as we were leaving, and I wonder if ANY of them was aware of who was actually responsible for what they saw at the museum.
    It is obvious, as you well know, that the Democrat party, who controls most aspects of public education, has effectively turned history upside down, and I am more than glad to hear someone finally not just recognizing it, but also taking action to correct the history of the Civil Rights struggle.

    September 27, 2011 at 2:28 pm

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