Understanding the Relevance of History leads to Glory

by Alesha Martin on Monday, February 7, 2011 at 1:48pm

What is History and why is it relevant?

History simply put is the depiction of events re-told that serves two purposes- Remembering and Growing. Why is it important to remember and to grow?

Remembering and growing creates a roadmap to glory for remembering leads to knowledge, an awareness of truths that is the key to reflection and survival; yes, survival, for it is survival that leads to tradition or a pattern of behavior that transcends generations that is the basis for establishing principles.

The bible teaches that men shall be known by their fruits- even so every good tree bring forth good fruit (matt 7:16-20). The development of principles leads to growth for establishing a standard of ethical decision making reveals one’s fruit and by his word we know that growth begets hope. As children of God we are saved by hope and through hope we build patience and abridge structure.

Structure allows the effectiveness of learning and leading that transforms and transcends our righteousness before God. If one is absent of hope then he is absent of faith- without faith one cannot develop structure.  The absence of structure or law leads to chaos. The doctrine of God teaches men “where no law is; there is no transgression (rom. 4:15)and where there is no limits there can be no righteousness for God does not allow all things into his kingdom.

Being righteous is a direct spiritual link with God – for as many that are lead by the spirit of God are the sons and daughters of God.  If an individual believes in His word then they know that being in direct relation with God or being “children” of God inherently makes them heirs to his legacy and joint heirs of Christ. As joint heirs, we suffer with Christ (Rom. 8:14-17) by doing works according to God’s will for we know that all things work together for good to them that love God (rom. 8:28) and those who seek God through a righteous spirit will be glorified.   

When we consider the potential of learning past events the desire to consume the information acquired should increase exponentially; a reassurance shall rain over our subconscious for glory comes by reflecting on knowledge gained by the relevance of history that is re-told.

Alesha Martin is Communications Director for the Frederick Douglass Foundation of Michigan http://frederickdouglassfoundationofmichigan.blogspot.com/  .  She owns PNL Personal Assistant Service in Saginaw, Michigan

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