"EXTREME EXPLOITS" Book Review by Dr. Tommy Davis


“Extreme Exploits” is a powerful publication that challenges the believer (Christian college student) to examine personal and collective Christianity and how it affects one’s ministry.  Prepared for the Christian college student, this book has positively impacted my life.  Living on the extreme for Jesus provides opportunity to have maximum godly influence in a dark world while simultaneously maturing in one’s relationship with Christ.  I have read this book and it has challenged me in a few impactful ways.


  • The Christian life comes filled with obstacles that will shape our future one way or another. On page 40 it states: “Those who follow God cannot live lives of shame.”


  • We will either succumb to our giants or defeat them as David did Goliath. The Bible records: “When all the Israelite men saw Goliath, they retreated from him terrified” (1 Samuel 17:24).


  • Our problems must be confronted with our God rather than God confronted with our problem as Queen Esther did when she approached the King concerning her people (Esther 4, 5).


  • The Christian must make a commitment to follow Christ come what may as did Daniel in the lion’s den, and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace.


  • It is not enough just to respond to the call of God.  The Christian is required to remain faithful.  On page 100, Dr. Lovett tells of a story when a young woman became the winner of an Olympic competition after her competitors were found to have used performance enhancing drugs. By finishing the race, she became the winner by default.


  • By remaining faithful the believer makes a difference in his personal life and in the lives of others. Queen Esther’s courage was able to save the Jewish people from extinction and led to the promotion of her family.


  • The Christian must remain true to the oracles of God. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego told the king that they do not need to defend their actions by not bowing down to a false god (Dan. 3:16-17).  On page 40 we are reminded of an old bumper sticker that states: “What is popular is not always right and what is right is not always popular.”


  • Perseverance will show what kind of Christianity the believer has committed to.


  • God will be glorified as Christians carry-out the purposes of God here on earth without cowardice.


  • When David defeated Goliath, it confirmed that the God of Israel was mightier than the god of Goliath. “Extreme Exploits” states: “We do not need to be afraid of the giants we face in life” (p. 16).


  • Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego chose the fire over false worship! The king now acknowledged the Hebrew’s God as the “Most High God.”!  He also issued a decree not to blaspheme their God!


  • When Daniel refused to compromise, it was “Daniel’s God” who was glorified.  Daniel properly displayed the will of the God of eternity. All the way into the lion’s den, Daniel had made up his mind even if it meant a demotion and a meal for the lions.


CONCLUSION: “Extreme Exploits” reveals what is necessary to live a life on fire for the Lord. Going the extra mile for Jesus can never lead to shame.  God is a reliable God and will honor our obedience to His will!  The giants will present themselves and we must utilize the only offensive weapon we have—the Word of God (Eph. 6).

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