Liberal affects on the Impoverished Black Community; A look at why Welfare Reform is needed.

 by Alesha Martin

Liberal policies have torn apart the black family, kept a nation poor and desperate for change, clinging to hope and fearing progress…

Some may foolishly ask… “How is it the liberal agenda has torn down anything? Did it set an atmosphere where mothers are far more likely than unwed and poor, even after a post-welfare-reform decline in child poverty; and that they are also more likely to pass that poverty on to their children. It’s not about a liberal or conservative agenda. It’s the degradation of our culture”

This argument is quite powerful and concise but check this out…

I respectfully disagree that an agenda is not a root cause of such a poor state of our people. What atmosphere was created was a wealth of social programs that targeted the dependent nature of our people to garner the need for government assistance (like the slave was taught to depend on master), what it created was a lack of self reliance- What it diminishes is the traditional family by creating a generational influence. What it does not do is promote family allegiance, core values, limited government and independence. It does not encourage traditional marriage between one man and one woman at one time- it does not push an agenda of progressive ideology – yet uses the very same tactics of the era of equality that only riles emotions, keeps prejudice and racism internalized in our people and in fact keeps segregation alive and well in our nation.

A liberal agenda has always been more government control masked under the conventional message of “we are for the people, we are here to help”. The belief an economy can absorb any number of dependent citizens and still be functional is reckless. In other words, it doesn’t matter how many people are on state aid and not working, liberals say we can care for them all no matter who has to pick up the tab.

Elite Black leaders such as Sharpton and Jackson helped frame a movement of equality but lack the much needed message of progress for the greater whole that we need now. I accept the need for certain government welfare spending, as I am for federal legislation that ensures civil equality. I am a progressive thinker; I do not internalize oppressive views that allow me or my children to feel anyone has an advantage over us or who we are or what we represent. I resent the master gone take care of us mentality of the NAACP (no matter what color that master is). I understand that because I wish for my children to have a continued rich heritage and legacy for their children and generations to come– starts with me– it’s that important to me- and so it starts now.

We never forget our past, we never forget our struggles however we do form an indubitable communal bond that results in self reliance.

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