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“Essentialism” Examined from a Biblical Perspective

by Tommy Davis

Oftentimes during campaign speeches by politicians running for some form of public office, I am sometimes surprised and saddened at the type of political sermons that spring forth from the platform.  Even worse, it seems that many professed Christians are unaware of the partisan deception prevalent within these addresses.   In order for politicians to sway voters to accept their position, there must have been some philosophical development that found place within both politicians and voters.  When Barack Obama ran for President in 2008, he told voters that we needed to “spread the wealth around.”   This appealed to those who had already accepted the fallacy that the rich acquired their wealth through deceit.  This also appealed to the envy of those who wanted more of what they didn’t earn –namely—wealth at the expense of others. While all philosophical ideas have some element of truth in them, I am particularly interested in Essentialism, a philosophical concept that arose in the 1930’s that found interest in transmitting truth in the classroom.

Essentialism, in a nutshell, is the philosophical idea that certain basic truths must be transmitted in order for students to knowledgably engage and participate in the culture in which they must live.  Essentialism takes into account that life is a building block and certain agreed upon facts must be shared that allows the next generation to continue the advancement of society.  Even though the essentialist position doesn’t answer all, or completely solve all educational obstructions, it deserves some critical attention that may prove helpful in increasing the intellectual capital among Americans.  This evaluation must also be compared and assessed using the Bible as the anvil by which all philosophical concepts must be shaped. (more…)

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Communism and Christianity – “They are Fundamentally Incompatible.”

–An excerpt from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s book Strength to Love

In the words of Dr. King:

Few issues demand a more thorough and sober discussion than that presented by Communism.  For at least three reasons every Christian minister should feel obligated o speak to his people on this controversial theme.

The first reason recognizes that the widespread influence of Communism has, like a mighty tidal wave, spread through Russia, China, Eastern Europe, and now even to our hemisphere.  Nearly a thousand million of the peoples of the world believe in its teachings, many of them embracing it as a new religion to which they have surrendered completely.  Such a force cannot be ignored. (more…)

How the GOP Lost the African American Vote, And Their Civil Rights Reputation

by Jesse Merkel

If you were to ask your average millennial which party had supported the majority of civil and voting rights legislation for both African Americans and women over the last century, there’s a good chance that they would say the Democrats. Many would be surprised to realize that it was in fact the Republican Party that spearheaded not one, but several landmark pieces of legislation designed to bring women and minorities into the voting fray.

These inclusionary policiesbegan around the time of the Civil War. Before those days, the GOP was the radical party, composed of ideological liberals and anti-abolitionists. Once war broke out, though, the new Republicans went to work. (more…)