Gun Control Laws Help the Democrats Institutionalize Inequality

By Mack Rights

pieceIn case you’re a liberal who relies upon the liberal media for news, the other day, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley appointed Conservative Tea Party Representative Tim Scott to replace Jim DeMint in the Senate.  This is important because Representative Tim Scott is a black conservative, and the liberals are puking on themselves.

Liberals hate black conservatives.  Black conservatives are what they consider to be “runaway slaves” who’ve escaped from their Democrat-Party Plantation.  So some liberal named Adolph L. Reed Jr., over at the arch-liberal New York Times, had to write a screed titled, “The Puzzle of Black Republicans.” These are the key points of his article:  “It obscures the fact that modern black Republicans have been more tokens than signs of progress…  Mr. Scott’s background is…  utterly at odds with the preferences of most black Americans.  Mr. Scott has been staunchly anti-tax, anti-union and anti-abortion.”

This is the problem with liberals.  They assume that blacks vote for the Democrat Party over 90% of the time because the Democrat Party has been good for them.  The fact remains: the Democrat Party has been oppressing blacks since the party’s founding.  Itis the party of slavery, segregation, the KKK, Jim Crow laws, the black genocide in the abortion mills and socialism.  None of these sacraments of the Democrat Party had or have anything to do with lifting up the black man.

So this liberal from the NY Times thinks that Mr. Scott is an unthinking “token” because he’s “anti-tax, anti union and anti-abortion.”  As far as I’m concerned, Rep. Tim Scott is a Republican because he is indeed black and because he does indeed know his history.

Taxation is a form of slavery.  When a man does not receive the benefits of his toils because it is taken from him by the government, that is a form of slavery.  As a black man, he should be anti-tax.

Looking back at the creation of the unions, one must remember that unions were created in order to keep the black man from getting certain jobs.  Even today, the Democrats in the state of New York do not allow BOCES programs in the state’s five big-city minority-student school systems because they don’t want black kids to learn a trade that might enable them to compete with white tradesmen for unionized jobs.  As a black man, Rep. Tim Scott should be anti-union.

As far as abortion, when one reads the words of the Eugenists who promoted abortion to kill off black babies in the wombs of their mothers in order to “improve the genetics of the population,” and when one considers the fact that abortion mills are purposely placed in ghettos where they’ll be more likely used to kill black babies, it is no surprise that Rep. Tim Scott is against abortion.

All three of these things that this liberal despises Tim Scott for opposing are things that the Democrat Party use to institutionalize inequality in society.

Another set of tools in the Democrat Party’s belt of things that help oppress the black man are gun control laws.  The original gun control laws were passed so as to keep the newly freed black citizens unarmed so that the Democrats could continue to keep the black man down.  Consider what kind of person would enforce these laws.  If your first thought was of a white Democrat with a white sheet over his head, you’d be right.  The Democrat Party’s Ku Klux Klan would enforce these gun control laws so as to maintain a level of inequality in society that would ultimately mean the black man was unequal.  No self-respecting black man should get behind a party that has had in its platform numerous different plans of institutionalizing inequality for black man.  Yet, over 90% of blacks vote for the same party that oppresses them.

With the massacre in Newtown, CT, many in our country are being manipulated with unimaginable horrors into getting behind the Democrat Party’s efforts to pass gun control laws.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not so heartless as to not be moved by the evil that occurred at that school last week.  However, not once did I even entertain the thought that the Democrat Party hopes we all will entertain: that we’ll all be safer from evil if we willingly give up our guns so that only those who’d perpetrate evil have guns.

It’s absurd if you think about it, but that’s what the Democrat Party wants you to think.  I don’t believe that the party string pullers actually believe it, but they want their party puppets to spout it and shame anyone who’s not insane enough to agree with them.  The sad thing, I’m seeing people whom I’d normally consider rational buy into this emotional ploy.

Stop it now.  Evil exists.  It’s always existed.  And it will always exist.  Some make excuses for it and hope that, by appeasing it, they will defeat it.  They all vote Democrat.  Others, like myself, don’t want anything to do with appeasing evil.  Appeasing is just a form of compromise, and compromise is another way of losing.  I don’t want to succumb to evil.  I want squash it.  I want to be aware of it.  I want to see it coming.  I want to be prepared for it.  And I want to destroy it.  There are many like me, and they’re the ones buying guns right now like crazy.  Gun sales are through the roof.  That is not a sign that society is sick.  It’s actually a sign that society is filled with people who can tell the difference between good and evil, and who aren’t interested in giving into evil.

So why is it that the liberals are so anxious to let evil get the upper hand?  I contend that it is because liberalism is a mental disorder.  We’ve all heard this before.  “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.”  That’s what liberalism is.  They come up with liberal solutions to real problems and never solve or fix those problems.  Yet they continue to try and fix life with liberal solutions even though no liberal solution has ever worked.

This square-peg-round-hole syndrome is very common in liberals, and it very often causes a depression.  Many liberals don’t believe in God because they think science doesn’t make sense if God exists.  So, instead of clinging to faith and guns, they seek out someone to listen to their seemingly unsolvable problems.  Little do they understand, these problems are only unsolvable because they keep applying liberal “solutions” to real-life problems.  Their doctor or their psychologist gives them an anti-depressant and says stay away from guns.

That last bit of advice is good advice.  People talk about mental illness all the time, but they don’t too often speak of the side effects of psychotropic anti-depressants.  Nor do they like to talk about the fact that 90% of mass murders are done by those on psychotropic drugs.  Nor do they talk about the fact that many on these drugs commit suicide due to constantly changing brain chemistry.  Nor do they talk about why so many on these drugs actually mentally snap.

While I’ve written about this more extensively in the past, I’ll give a brief description.  Anti-depressants and ADHD drugs very often change the brain’s chemistry so that it begins to rely upon the artificially high level of neurotransmitters in their brain’s synapses.  These neurotransmitters then guarantee that the drug taker feels good all the time, no matter what happens.  This is bad when the taker of the anti-depressant suddenly doesn’t like the fact that he or she is no longer able to feel sadness upon being informed of sad news.  Many of the normal emotions in life are then repressed.  The feeling of artificial and euphoric happiness is the feeling all the time no matter what is going on.

Eventually, the person may try to experiment with trying not to take the drugs that the brain has become reliant upon.  A crash occurs.  A major crash sometimes.  The brain’s synapses becomes devoid of the neurotransmitters that we require to function in life.  This crash can also occur when the drug is replaced with another.  These crashes are common.

And that’s why guns aren’t recommended for people whose happiness depends upon the use of a drug to maintain an acceptable brain chemistry.

The drug companies, making oodles of money from these drugs, don’t want to tell you about this.  Too many liberals in the media are actually on these drugs.  They don’t want to talk about it or confront the real implications of their own addiction to psychotropic drugs.  Look, I don’t know if the kid that did the massacre in CT was on psychotropics, but I do know that he was being medicated by those in the psychological profession.  And very often, those in the psychological profession will experiment with different drugs in attempts to find the right brain chemistry for someone looking to function in life.

Is this what happened?  I don’t know.  Due to confidentiality laws, we may never know.  But this is what I do know.  Giving up access to our guns or to guns that will enable us to survive and attack of evil proportions like this is simply just a way of allowing ourselves to be more helpless in that situation.

Truth be told, there’s a reason white Democrats didn’t want their newly freed slaves to have guns.  Guns would make those black men equal.  Guns make a little guy equal to a huge guy.  Guns make a small women more equal to a big aggressive man.  Guns make a homosexual more equal to someone trying to kill him.  Guns give an abused child the equality it takes to prevent being pulverized to death by his drunken dad wielding an axe.  It doesn’t matter how small the person pulling the trigger is.  If they’re accurate and fast, the bullet from that gun might be what keeps them alive.  Even a five-year-old can kill a mad man with a gun. He might be knocked over by the kickback, but the bullet still goes fast enough to save that child’s life.

Evil doesn’t rest simply because you’re willing to appease it.  Instead it takes advantage of your weakness. And because the Democrats get their votes from those who rely upon them to “level the playing field,” they hate the fact that those armed with guns don’t need Democrats to make them more equal.

So when I hear all these liberals out there trying to appease evil by calling for disarming those who aren’t evil, I ask myself a question all Democrats should ask themselves: “If I believe in equality, how could I support a movement that would make me more unequal by making me more vulnerable?”

original link can be found at http://www.fdfny.org/blog/2012/12/20/gun-control-laws-help-the-democrats-institutionalize-inequality/

One response

  1. Paula Eslick

    Excellent blog!! So very true. I have been slammed by many liberals for not jumping on the bandwagon for more gun control. They just don’t seem to get that this young man woke up with the intent to carry out satans mission to steal, kill and destroy last Friday. Nothing would have stopped him from inflicting as much carnage as possible. If he hadn’t had a gun, he would have used something else, look at Timothy McVeigh, not one gun, just fertilizer and truck. If this man had run his car into a group of children standing in front of school waiting for a bus, the focus would have been on him and not on his weapon of choice. Evil has existed since the fall, look at Cain & Able.

    December 21, 2012 at 9:58 am

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