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If Abortion Were Made Illegal Again, Should A Woman Who Commits An Abortion Be Punished?


by Providence Crowder

Some pro-life advocates evade the question, “How should a woman who commits abortion be punished if abortion were made illegal?” They avoid this question because the pro-lifer’s position is that we do not judge or seek to punish women in crisis situations — but rather to “preserve the life of the child, to extend compassion, and to provide emotional, spiritual, and physical support” to women and families facing unplanned pregnancies. 

Abortion proponents intentionally word the question this way in order to corner abortion abolitionists into conceding that abolitionists seek to “punish” women.   Regardless of their antics, abortion abolitionists should not avoid this question because answering this question objectively does not pose any moral dilemmas or contradictions to the abolitionist because how, or whether one is punished or not, for committing the act of abortion does not change the outcome of what abortion is or what abortion does—abortion destroys lives.  The result of an induced abortion is always a dead baby and a trail of brokenness.   

Abortion proponents ask:  If abortion is murder, then should a woman who commits abortion be punished as a murder?  They also argue that if an abortion abolitionist does not agree that a woman should be punished as a murderer, then his or her argument about abortion is inconsistent.  They reason that if we believe that abortion is in fact murder, then why do we not believe that women should be punished as murderers.  To answer their question of how abortion should be punished, I will refer to the history of abortion in this nation.  (more…)