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We Can Overcome

chappyby Tommy Davis

Race seems to be the controlling criterion in contemporary dialogue when it comes to evaluating relationships among black and white Americans.  Nothing is more harmful to the brainpower of black people than the elevation of the myth that one cannot thrive due to racism.  Undeniably, racism is a reality, but it has never been sufficient enough to prevent black Americans from gaining an economic advantage in a struggle to better ourselves.

In 1834, a group of Connecticut businessmen declared that the “white man cannot labor upon equal terms with the negro….the black can afford to offer his services at lower prices than the white man.”  Fugitive slaves had escaped there and opened businesses.  When slavery ended in 1865, blacks carried their work ethic into the free market.  Their white counterparts legislatively enacted discriminatory laws in an effort to stifle the competition from blacks.

Many 19th century black Americans wanted nothing more than the freedom to be productive.  A shared intellectual currency at the time motivated blacks to perform very well without viewing race as a disability.  In the 1870s, blacks occupied positions as lieutenant governor, mayor, sheriff, magistrates, treasurer, superintendent of education in five states including Republican Speakers of the House in Mississippi and South Carolina.

One day after Congress approved the Thirteenth Amendment ending slavery, Republican Senator Charles Sumner introduced a motion that made John Rock the first black attorney to be admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States. He was already an American teacher, doctor, dentist, and abolitionist.  John Rock was also one of the first black Americans to earn a medical degree (1852).

It’s how we respond to experiences and learning that makes the difference.   In 1910, 71 percent of blacks over nine years of age were employed or operated family businesses.  This heightened racial tensions that prompted whites to burn down black business and suppress the black vote in an effort to gain economic ground.

We needed the government to protect our civil liberties rather than provide wealth.  When the 1964 Civil Rights Act came up for argument and a vote, Senator Olin Johnston, a Democrat from South Carolina said: “This is indeed the blackest day in the U.S. Senate since 1875, when Congress passed a civil rights bill similar to this one.  It was 89 years ago that the [Republican] Congress passed the nefarious Reconstruction era civil rights laws, identical with what we are now discussing….”     It was Republican William McCullough who stated in supporting the bill:  “I believe in the right of each individual to have his constitutional rights guaranteed.  On the other hand, he must always be prepared to shoulder the obligations and assume the burdens of citizenship….”

Rev. Tommy Davis is a full time chaplain in upstate New York

“Essentialism” Examined from a Biblical Perspective

by Tommy Davis

Oftentimes during campaign speeches by politicians running for some form of public office, I am sometimes surprised and saddened at the type of political sermons that spring forth from the platform.  Even worse, it seems that many professed Christians are unaware of the partisan deception prevalent within these addresses.   In order for politicians to sway voters to accept their position, there must have been some philosophical development that found place within both politicians and voters.  When Barack Obama ran for President in 2008, he told voters that we needed to “spread the wealth around.”   This appealed to those who had already accepted the fallacy that the rich acquired their wealth through deceit.  This also appealed to the envy of those who wanted more of what they didn’t earn –namely—wealth at the expense of others. While all philosophical ideas have some element of truth in them, I am particularly interested in Essentialism, a philosophical concept that arose in the 1930’s that found interest in transmitting truth in the classroom.

Essentialism, in a nutshell, is the philosophical idea that certain basic truths must be transmitted in order for students to knowledgably engage and participate in the culture in which they must live.  Essentialism takes into account that life is a building block and certain agreed upon facts must be shared that allows the next generation to continue the advancement of society.  Even though the essentialist position doesn’t answer all, or completely solve all educational obstructions, it deserves some critical attention that may prove helpful in increasing the intellectual capital among Americans.  This evaluation must also be compared and assessed using the Bible as the anvil by which all philosophical concepts must be shaped. (more…)

Elect Judge Gail Donofrio for Supreme Court 7th Judicial District of New York

A Message from Judge Donofrio:

I am honored to be running for Supreme Court Justice and I believe that I bring unique experiences and a distinguished judicial career that has prepared me for this important position.

I have been a lawyer for 26 years and a full-time Judge for 14 years. I am an Acting Supreme Court Justice and Supervising Judge for the Family Courts for the Seventh Judicial District. Over these many years, I have presided over thousands of cases and have earned the reputation of being a fair and thoughtful Judge. I am honored to have been rated as “Highly Qualified” for Supreme Court by the Monroe County Bar Association.

Prior to my tenure as a Judge, my background as an attorney in private practice included civil litigation in State and Federal Courts. I worked on cases in the areas of negligence, severe brain injuries, medical malpractice, products liability, contract disputes and construction litigation.

My extensive experience as a Judge in many different courts, along with so many counties across the district makes me uniquely and eminently qualified to serve as a Supreme Court Judge in the Seventh Judicial District.

In all the cases I decide or preside over, I am guided by my duty under the Constitutions of the United States and New York to follow the law and apply it evenly and without favoritism or partisanship.

With your assistance, I hope to continue serving our community by seeking the office of Supreme Court Justice and, therefore, I ask for your support and your vote this November.

Thank you,
Judge Gail Donofrio

Website http://judgegaildonofrio.com/

New York State Assemblyman Bill Reilich Speaks!

Good Afternoon My Fellow Republican,

Voters across New York State will take to the polls tomorrow to vote in the Republican primary to designate a U.S Senate candidate to challenge Senator Gillibrand, and to officially designate a congressional candidate for the 27th District. Wendy Long, George Maragos, and Bob Turner are seeking to be the candidate to defeat Senator Gillibrand, while Chris Collins and David Bellavia vie for the opportunity to unseat first-term incumbent, Kathy Hochul.

President Obama and his Congressional Democrats have raised our national debt by over $5 trillion, passing legislation, such as the failed “stimulus” package and the Obamacare monstrosity, that has stifled economic growth and stalled our recovery. It is important for New Yorkers to get out and vote tomorrow to send a message to Washington that we’re fed up with increasing debt and government overreach.

Come November, we are in for an historic election night in Monroe County with County Executive Maggie Brooks being elected to serve in Congress, electing Sean Hanna to the NYS Senate while re-electing State Senators Joe Robach, Mike Nozzolio, George Maziarz, Pat Gallivan, and Mike Ranzenhofer. We will also celebrate electing new comers Peterson Vazquez and Bill Nojay to join Mark Johns and myself in the NYS Assembly. Polls are open from 12:00 pm to 9 pm, and you can check the Board of Elections website for polling place locations at http://www2.monroecounty.gov/elections-index.php. Please don’t forget to exercise your right to vote tomorrow, and have Monroe County Republicans send Washington a message to our get country back on track and headed in the right direction.

Chairman Bill Reilich

Monroe County Republican Committee (Rochester, NY)