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Abolitionism and the Evangelical Heritage

Providence Crowder

by Providence Crowder

Author Donald W. Dayton produced a remarkable historical summary of America’s evangelical[1] legacy in his work entitled, “Discovering an Evangelical Heritage.” This book provides compelling evidence that confirms “the Christian witness” has a powerful impact upon society when the gospel is put into action.  Unlike contemporary evangelicalism, which by and large evades questions of social responsibility,[2] Dayton sets out to prove that the evangelical heritage left by nineteenth century evangelicals such as Catherine Booth and Charles G. Finney demonstrated that the gospel and social responsibility were once intimately integrated.  He provides thrilling accounts of how the nineteenth century evangelical “abolitionists”[3] understood that to right societal wrongs, social injustice demanded a radical and Christian response.  The abolitionist movement was chiefly political and religious; abolitionists believed that slavery was a sin.  Through moral suasion, they set out to change laws in an effort to permanently abolish it. (more…)

Abortion—The Looming Crisis in the Black Community (Research)

providence face pictureby Providence Crowder


I believe that induced abortion is an act of violence against the most vulnerable people in society—voiceless, helpless, innocent children.  Abortion[1] has been physiologically and psychologically devastating to women, men, families, and communities.  Post abortion studies in America have revealed that women who have experienced child loss as a result of induced abortion suffer from mental impairments such as depression and anxiety disorder at higher rates than women who have endured no abortion.

In fact, Black American families are disproportionately impacted by abortion related mental illnesses—abortion is the leading cause of death among blacks.[2] 

Additional studies have linked the instances of mental illness to higher rates of incarceration and substance abuse.  In this research, I reveal how and why the black community has been targeted by abortion proponents, as well as show a strong correlation between abortion-related mental illnesses and the high instances of incarceration and substance abuse prominent in many poor black communities.

I will ultimately prove that the abortion epidemic has caused a crisis in the black community that has been costly to society and largely ignored.  (more…)

Beware of the Gospel Killers – Part 1

Poor Childrenby Providence Crowder

At certain times throughout history, the Church had failed to side with the oppressed, choosing for erroneous reasons to instead to side with oppressive human governments.  They had negated their charge to “dispense justice to the cause of the lowly and poor.”[1] The Church’s silence on social matters had spoken volumes to those who, like black slaves in America, suffered grave injustices at the hands of ill-willed men.  If theology intended to, as Karl Barth has suggested, “apprehend, understand, and speak of the God of the gospel,”[2] then understandably the theological tendencies of the poor and oppressed would be towards the God who dispensed justice to the cause of the poor; they would cleave to Christ the liberator of the world who sets the captives free.[3]


The Epic Failures of Strict Gun Control Laws

providence face pictureby Providence Crowder

Out of the many homicide statistics that anti-gun proponents would show us as evidence for the need for “strict” and “common sense” gun control, they fail to acknowledge that most all of these killings are committed by people with illegal guns.  Gun control does not work for criminals because they never cared about gun laws in the first place.  They will still have their guns, it’s the rest of us that will be disarmed.

A 2002 U.S. Justice Department study of 272,111 felons released from state prisons in 1994 found that within three years of their release, these former inmates had been charged with committing at least 2,871 new homicides, 2,444 new rapes, 3,151 other new sexual assaults, 2,362 new kidnappings, 21,245 new robberies, 54,604 new assaults, and 13,854 other new violent crimes.   Sadly, there may have been more victims had armed citizens not deterred those criminals.

Legally-armed citizens have PROVEN to deter crime.  A 1982 survey of male felons in 11 state prisons dispersed across the U.S. found that:

 • 34% had been “scared off, shot at, wounded, or captured by an armed victim”

• 40% had decided not to commit a crime because they “knew or believed that the victim was carrying a gun”

• 69% personally knew other criminals who had been “scared off, shot at, wounded, or captured by an armed victim”[1]

Yet, the gun-control fanatics don’t care about these statistics.  They forge on with their agenda despite clear evidence to the contrary.  In some of the most crime-ridden cities in the U.S., strict gun control laws have been implemented with devastating results. (more…)

Unsinking the Titanic: Repairing the Hole that is America’s Debt Dilemma – Part 3

by Providence Crowder

Final Thoughts . . .

If we as a nation truly want to do right by our poor, we must urge our politicians to get out of salvation politics and leave the “saving” of the poor and needy of society to the faith-based communities.  A safety net of government services can be a good thing, but it profits no one if we put so much on it that it rips under the bureaucratic pressure of big government.   If our federal government truly respected American citizens, then they would stop robbing us and selling us back our own goods at a higher price!  They would end the practice of deficit spending for programs and entitlements that do more harm than help and pass a balanced budget amendment requiring the federal government to exercise responsibility and restraint concerning its outrageous spending.  All Americans are expected to live within their means; therefore, so should the government we elect.  (more…)

Beware of the Gospel Killers – Part 2

by Providence Crowder

The Prosperity Gospel, the Wrong Gospel

Many church leaders in the twenty-first century have aided in the oppression and bondage of the scripturally illiterate masses by promoting material worship through the “prosperity” gospel.  Advances in technology, such as the advent of television and internet, make the preaching of a false gospel more devastating as it is able to quickly reach large audiences.[25]  These false prophets promise prosperity and healing, often in exchange for an offering or a fee.  Prominent twenty-first century televangelist and Pastor Frederick K. Price is quoted as saying on his Ever Increasing Faith television broadcast that “The Bible says that he (Jesus) has left us an example that we should follow in his steps.  That’s why I drive a Rolls Royce.  I’m following Jesus’ steps.”[26]  (more…)

Post Election Rant . . .

A couple of days ago, God gave the people what they wanted.  This heated election season is over.  We have our president.  The people passed over Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate, and overwhelming lent their support for Obama and the Democrat agenda.

I can understand the peoples support for the Democrat Party.  Much of what they say they stand for sounds moral and compassionate, especially concerning the poor and minority populations.  Yet, my convictions and research eventually led me to reject the Democrat ideology, preferring to side with people and political parties more aligned with the morals and values consistent with my Christian faith.

I used to be a Democrat, but I am no longer.  I am a registered Republican.  Not because I thought the Republican Party was so righteous, but because there came a time in my life as a Democrat, that I could no longer reconcile my politics and my faith.

Since my faith supersedes everything else for me, I find that it is pure madness for me to vote for politicians who uphold policies that are in a direct conflict with my faith.  It is foolishness for me to vote against my own values and interests.  Christianity is more than a title for me, it is who I am and determines how I live and how I view the world. (more…)